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Dr. John Dudley

This training is for veteran crisis response teams and focuses on retro-fitting crisis response protocols as well as preparing to respond to a pandemic impacting schools.

Some of the topics included in Level VII training are:

  • Remodeling school crisis response plans
  • Exploring ways to improve direct responses
  • School crisis teams working in new ways
  • Crisis issues regarding a pandemic
  • Utilizing previous crisis team experiences
  • Experiencing a “rebirth” of your school’s crisis team

Level VI workshop participants will:

  • Critique their school crisis manual (this manual is different than a school district’s crisis plan)
  • Be prepared to share school crisis responses that have not been successful
  • Share the major problems their crisis team will face in their next response and resolve those problems
  • Bring successful ideas that have been incorporated into their school’s crisis response plan
  • Be prepared to develop creative response strategies for extremely difficult   crisis events

Former Level VI participants say they learned:

  • “Our school district is in no way prepared for a pandemic…”
  • “It’s okay to talk about the mistakes our team has made…”
  • “We didn’t know that our school district’s crisis plan was quite different than the crisis manual our teams should use…”
  • “We need better school policies to help us make crisis responses…”
  • “How to put together a psychological first-aid curriculum…”

Participants in John's crisis response workshops comment:

  • “I thought I knew it all—Boy was I wrong…”
  • “He holds people’s attention like I have never seen before…”
  • “Learning was fun today…”
  • “He got my attention from the get-go and held it even after the workshop had ended…”
  • “A very positive, I’d even say life changing, experience…”

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