Crisis Management

Crisis Response Training


Dr. John Dudley

This training is for school crisis response team leaders and school administrators.

Some of the topics included in Level VI training are:

  • Successfully dealing with the politics of school crisis response
  • How to design and build a successful crisis response
  • The role of the crisis team leader in debriefing their team
  • A job description for the crisis response team leader
  • Designing effective crisis response team training
  • Building positive response relationships between team leaders and administrators
  • Effective ways to reward crisis team members

Level VI workshop participants will:

  • Discuss problems or issues specific to their team(s)
  • Learn more about the debriefing process
  • Meet crisis team leaders from other school districts
  • Design the ideal crisis response team
  • Build effective crisis response plans and develop appropriate audits

Former Level VI participants say they learned:

  • "Now I know what a crisis team leader should be doing..."
  • "Effective ways to stop team gossip…"
  • "How to get administrators to be supportive…"
  • "How to 'fire' team members…"
  • "Build better crisis response plans…"

Participants in John's crisis response workshops comment:

  • "I learn new things every time…"
  • "I'm not the only one struggling during a response…"
  • "Crisis response is getting really complicated…"
  • "I finally saw the light…"
  • "You provide such a positive experience..."

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