Crisis Management

Crisis Response Training


Dr. John Dudley

This training is for school administrators, crisis response teams, certified/classified staff and law enforcement.

Some of the topics included in Level IV training are:

  • Addressing school safety and security concerns and designing effective plans
  • Creating building level as well as district level crisis response teams
  • School intruder and hostage response
  • Involving parents and the community in making schools safer
  • Student profiling-advantages and disadvantages
  • Imminent warning signs in students
  • Organizing multiple command sites in your school(s)
  • Implementing violence prevention curriculums
  • Working with the media during a school crisis
  • Roles of schools and law enforcement before, during and after a school tragedy

Level IV workshop participants will:

  • Learn ways to assess their school safety preparedness
  • Develop a school safety and security plan
  • Learn how to respond to intruder and hostage situations
  • Define the roles of building level vs. district level crisis response teams
  • Increase their understanding of the roles of school and law enforcement personnel during times of school tragedies
  • Upgrade their school crisis response repertoire

Former Level IV workshop participants say they learned:

  • "We were not as prepared for a school tragedy as we thought…" Principal
  • "After today's workshop we will be a lot safer…" Superintendent
  • "Law enforcement needs to preplan with schools…" State Trooper
  • "A whole new level of preparedness…" Crisis Response Team Leader
  • "After we implement what we learned I will feel much safer…" Teacher
  • "I didn't know near as much as I thought I did…" Associate Superintendent

A comment on John's Level IV school crisis response training:

"Just wanted to make a brief contact to say I appreciated the Level IV training you presented today. I went into it with a very doubtful attitude. Have been in education 37 years, listened to hundreds of "experts" who had little of value to say and, truth be told, darn little expertise. I do not often respond to presentors so this is very unusual. I APPRECIATED spending my time, which is very valuable to me, in a conference where the "expert" actually had a strong background, some apparent common sense, and the ability to share those. At 8:15 this morning I was wondering why I had tied myself into another conference. Now I am glad I had the opportunity!"

Bill McGahan, Superintendent

"School Violence: Prevention and Response" by Dr. John Dudley can be used as a Level IV follow up staff development training for schools, parents and communities. This video and in-service materials package may be purchased from Cromwell Communications, 2601 Rathbone Road, Lincoln, Nebraska 68502 (phone 402.438.6227 fax 402.436.6227).

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