Crisis Management

Crisis Response Training


Dr. John Dudley

This training is for school administrators, counselors, teachers, crisis response teams and other certified/classified staff.

Some of the topics included in Level III training are:

  • How to talk so kids will listen and listen so they will talk
  • Strategies for talking to students during difficult times
  • Holding classroom meetings with students
  • How to engage students who are reluctant to talk
  • Understanding grief patterns in different cultures
  • Helping students and staff say goodbye
  • Using rituals during times of tragedy
  • Involving parents in meaningful conversations with their students

Level III workshop participants will:

  • Learn a model for talking to students during difficult times
  • Practice conversing with students/staff during times of school crisis
  • Increase their understanding of grief in different cultures
  • Upgrade their conversation and listening skills
  • Learn what students would like them to do during times of tragedy
  • Increase their skills in helping parents during times of school crisis

Former Level III workshop participants say they learned:

  • "A great model for talking to anyone…"
  • "That I need to improve my listening skills…"
  • "Talking to grieving kids isn't as difficult as I was making it…"
  • "Skills that will help me in my personal life…"
  • "Why I haven't been very successful working with different cultures…"
  • "What to do when I work in a crisis response grieving room…"

Participants in John's crisis response training workshops comment:

  • "He opened my eyes to things I wish I had known…"
  • "All new information…"
  • "As a superintendent I am more aware of what to do…"
  • "The importance of having a model to talk to students…"
  • "The need to always be prepared for anything…"
  • "I am leaving with lots of ideas of how to go about it…"

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