Crisis Management

Crisis Response Training


Dr. John Dudley

This training is for school administrators, school crisis response teams and certified/classified staff.

Some of the topics included in Level II crisis response training are:

  • Updating crisis team procedures
  • Critiquing school crisis response plans
  • Dealing with delayed grief
  • Equity and school crisis response
  • Debriefing school crisis response teams
  • Stress and crisis response teams
  • Under/Over responding to a school crisis
  • Advanced crisis response simulations
  • Forming building and district crisis response teams
  • The "colors" of grief

Level II workshop participants will:

  • Upgrade their crisis response repertoire
  • Develop advanced crisis response skills
  • Learn to manage extraneous crisis situations
  • Develop skills for crisis response stress issues
  • Increase skills in helping school staff to manage crisis situations
  • Understand varying grief patterns in students and staff

Former Level II workshop participants say they learned:

  • "Management of advanced crisis situations…"
  • "Skill, tools, and ideas in dealing with tragedies other than death…"
  • "How difficult this is…"
  • "The value of our school having building and district crisis plans…"
  • "More than I can fit in this space…"

Participants in John's crisis response training workshops comment:

  • "Always learn new things. Third time I have been here…"
  • "Our team needs an update like this annually…"
  • "Really always need Dr. Dudley's encouragement…"
  • "Excellent! Wish it was longer…the day went too fast…"
  • "Dr. Dudley is a powerful speaker. One I need to hear every year…"
  • "I enjoy John. What a resource! What a tough topic…"

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