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Crisis Response Training


Dr. John Dudley

This training is for new crisis teams and for school staff and community members new to existing school crisis response teams.

Some of the topics included in Level I training are:

  • Organizing crisis teams
  • Writing school crisis response plans
  • Defining a school crisis
  • Sudden death and suicide
  • Lingering death
  • Managing the media
  • Organizing staff meetings during times of crisis
  • Helping students, staff and parents
  • Role(s) of administrator(s) during a school crisis
  • Follow up
  • Debriefing crisis response teams

Level I workshop participants will:

  • Define the types of crises they should respond to in their schools
  • Organize a crisis team(s) to effectively respond to crisis situations in their schools
  • Develop effective plans for responding to any kind of crisis in their schools
  • Learn how to identify high risk students/staff in the aftermath of a school crisis
  • Learn how to do effective follow up with students and staff
  • Be prepared to effectively respond to any crisis that impacts their school

Former Level I workshop participants say they learned:

  • "Steps for getting organized in a crisis…"
  • "How to set up a plan…"
  • "A lot! I knew nothing about crisis response teams…"
  • "Techniques for establishing a crisis response team…"
  • "That each crisis is unique…"
  • "…a need to be prepared - get a plan!"

Participants in John's crisis response team workshops comment:

  • "John is sensitive, intelligent and giving…"
  • "One of the most effective workshops I've attended…"
  • "A wonderful trainer…"
  • "Talked with participants not at participants…"
  • "I really felt his concern and care"
  • "Well presented with humor to relieve stress…"

The book "When Grief Visits School: Organizing a Successful Response" by Dr. John Dudley is used as a guide for the Level I school crisis response team training. Each workshop participant should have a copy of the book, which may be purchased from Educational Media Corporation, Box 21311, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55421 (1-800-966-3382). The purchase price of the book is $14.95 plus shipping.

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